A Dog in Sheep's Clothing and travelling companion of Anouk

I live with my Boss Anouk in a very cute tiny wooden Cabin in the east of Holland. It can be cold in the winter, but tons of soft furry blankets will do the trick when it's freezing outside.

Wrapped up in between these plankets is where you will find me.

Beaches and forrests are my favorite hangout places, but I don't like hot and steamy weather too much. It might have someting to do with my massive sheeps fur.

Mr Dusty

Painter, Illustrator, Photographer and World Traveler

I live in a small city called "Erica" in the east of Holland with my dog “Dusty” the Poodle.
Drawing, Painting, illustrating, making lots of pictures, and exploring new places, is what I love to do most.
When I travel I see the most impressive landscapes. And I meet the most beautiful, and interesting people.

I like learning about their unique cultures, and to see how they live their lives. All these unforgettable moments I like to capture with my camera. The pictures and the stories of all the people I meet is a great inspiration for me to use in my Art.


Mister Dusty. Yes he is named after my f

Mr Dusty


Our cute little Tiny house

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